Layover Accommodation

Lay Over Accommodation Need Not Be Cheap and Nasty

When booking your flight, you may not give much thought to where you will stay overnight whilst waiting for a connecting flight. After all, it doesn’t make much of a difference – you really only need somewhere to lay your head, right? Wrong – a number of factors can end up making your lay over the longest night of your life.

It’s About More than a Good Night’s Sleep

You want the best night’s sleep possible but you also want to be able to get the best of what Brisbane Motels can offer. You will, especially if travelling on business, want to be able to get internet access in order to be able to check your emails and do some polishing of your presentation. In addition to this, access to simple things like ironing boards can be quite useful for the business traveller.

Close to the Action and Convenient

Let’s face it, lay overs can be a little boring. You need a motel/ hotel that is close to both the airport and the centre of action. This can make life a little more interesting for you. You want to be close enough to the action so that you can easily make your way back to the motel if necessary. Transport can be a factor here as well. It is pointless staying so far from town that you have to travel for more than half an hour to get there.


Of course, the most important consideration when it comes to an overnight stay in Brisbane airport hotels is to be able to catch up on some sleep. It goes without saying that you want somewhere that is clean and neat but you can also look for a place that goes the extra mile. Some nice to haves are soundproof rooms and blackout curtains to make sure that you get a great night’s sleep that is undisturbed. You will also need to make sure that the hotel offers a wake up service.

Of course, your flight can come in at any time of the day or night and so you should look for somewhere that offers a twenty four hour check in or check out service. Aside from that, you want a place that is more like home than anything else. Be sure to weigh up your options carefully – there is no reason for you to battle with uncomfortable accommodation.